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A chessmate is better... Believe it.

If you're like me bored of sitting hours and hours before your laptop chasing dumb serials and movies, digging everywhere for something interesting, without finding anymore that is worth your neck, eyes, back and head aches but sadistically continuing to do so, then maybe you should try another pastime. CHESS online!

Well, I know it's no news for you. But this is really something you should devote time on instead of the endless stuff on the net.

Chess is probably the best brain sport ever. It helps you create a solid way of thinking and reasoning. Day after day, you’ll feel more comfortable at work. You become smart sociable and most importantly satisfied.

"I need to learn first and people to play against"...You've got it. There is awesome websites that give you this, and it's completely free. All you have to do is sign up and get started the fight.

I google "chess" and found this this chess website www.chess.com.

 It has everything you will need about chess: Amazing courses and trainings,starving opponents, devoted community, online games and tournaments and more. You will simply love it.

My Chess Account is ChessBoxerAF. I can’t wait to give you a chessmate buddy.
See you there!

pomegranate benefits

A recent Yemenese study, conducted by the center of Food and Post-harvest technologies, has showed that Pomegranate, besides its healthy nutrients, can be very useful in treating many diseases.

Pomegranate seeds destroy the bacteria that cause diarrhea, strengthen the heart and stomach, cleanse the blood, dissolve kidney stones, soothe the body heat and cures  indigestion.

The study pointed out that pomegranate flowers powder is used against diarrhea and boiled peel is good to get rid of tapeworms as it contains fluorides and organic acids.

It is also used to heal nervous debility and certain tumors that affect the mucous membrane especially if used with honey, and digest fat properly.